Xaoc Devices

Xaoc Batumi

The Xaoc Batumi is a fully voltage controlled, quadruple digital LFO module with a slew of interesti..

279.00€ Ex Tax: 230.58€

Xaoc Belgrad

The Xaoc Belgrad is a multimode variable state filter with a model of 1976. It has awesome and deep ..

315.00€ Ex Tax: 260.33€

Xaoc Bytom

The Xaoc Bytom is a simple – yet very useful – utility module that allows you to combine various tri..

80.00€ Ex Tax: 66.12€

Xaoc Drezno

The Xaoc Drezno is an input/output front-end of the system, consisting of an analog–to–digital conve..

259.00€ Ex Tax: 214.05€

Xaoc Kamieniec

The Xaoc Kamieniec is an analog signal processing module directly inspired by a range of classic pha..

219.00€ Ex Tax: 180.99€

Xaoc Lipsk

The Xaoc Lipsk module facilitates the inversion of the individual bits produced by Drezno (or any ot..

149.00€ Ex Tax: 123.14€

Xaoc Moskwa

The Xaoc Moskwa is a compact, self-contained step sequencer with a handy set of features. You can ge..

275.00€ Ex Tax: 227.27€

Xaoc Poti

The Poti module from Xaoc is a simple but very useful breakout expander for the Batumi quadruple LFO..

45.00€ Ex Tax: 37.19€

Xaoc Praga

The Xaoc Praga eurorack module is an expandable four-channel voltage controlled mixer featuring a st..

459.00€ Ex Tax: 379.34€

Xaoc Samara

The Xaoc Samara is a real “Swiss Army Knife” type of module, intended to serve the most common volta..

189.00€ Ex Tax: 156.20€

XAOC Tallin

The Tallin eurorack module from XAOC is a dual VCA (voltage controlled amplifier) with overdrive, of..

160.00€ Ex Tax: 132.23€

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