Eurorack Modules

Amazing sounding and looking eurorack modular synthesizer modules from various brands can be found in our shop. Get your VCF, VCA, VCO, ADSR and any other great assembled module today from many cool brands!

Synthrotek Drum Synth Module DS-M

The DS-M is a full featured drum synth that can emulate virtually any drum sound and is a complex, m..

182.50€ Ex Tax: 150.83€

Synthrotek ECHO

Synthrotek ECHO..

99.00€ Ex Tax: 81.82€

Synthrotek RND

Synthrotek RND..

125.00€ Ex Tax: 103.31€

Synthrotek Roboto

The Synthrotek Roboto is a vocoder, pitch shifter, speak-n-spell effect, vibrato, 8-bit modulator an..

155.00€ Ex Tax: 128.10€

Synthrotek VERB

Synthrotek VERB    ..

155.00€ Ex Tax: 128.10€

Xaoc Batumi

The Xaoc Batumi is a fully voltage controlled, quadruple digital LFO module with a slew of interesti..

279.00€ Ex Tax: 230.58€

Xaoc Belgrad

The Xaoc Belgrad is a multimode variable state filter with a model of 1976. It has awesome and deep ..

315.00€ Ex Tax: 260.33€

Xaoc Bytom

The Xaoc Bytom is a simple – yet very useful – utility module that allows you to combine various tri..

80.00€ Ex Tax: 66.12€

Xaoc Drezno

The Xaoc Drezno is an input/output front-end of the system, consisting of an analog–to–digital conve..

259.00€ Ex Tax: 214.05€

Xaoc Kamieniec

The Xaoc Kamieniec is an analog signal processing module directly inspired by a range of classic pha..

219.00€ Ex Tax: 180.99€

Xaoc Lipsk

The Xaoc Lipsk module facilitates the inversion of the individual bits produced by Drezno (or any ot..

149.00€ Ex Tax: 123.14€

Xaoc Moskwa

The Xaoc Moskwa is a compact, self-contained step sequencer with a handy set of features. You can ge..

275.00€ Ex Tax: 227.27€

Xaoc Poti

The Poti module from Xaoc is a simple but very useful breakout expander for the Batumi quadruple LFO..

45.00€ Ex Tax: 37.19€

Xaoc Praga

The Xaoc Praga eurorack module is an expandable four-channel voltage controlled mixer featuring a st..

459.00€ Ex Tax: 379.34€

Xaoc Samara

The Xaoc Samara is a real “Swiss Army Knife” type of module, intended to serve the most common volta..

189.00€ Ex Tax: 156.20€

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