Eurorack Modules

Amazing sounding and looking eurorack modular synthesizer modules from various brands can be found in our shop. Get your VCF, VCA, VCO, ADSR and any other great assembled module today from many cool brands!

Bastl Popcorn CV Expander (Aluminium)

The Bastl Popcorn CV Expander eurorack module adds more CV inputs for enhanced control of nonlinear ..

66.00€ Ex Tax: 54.55€

Bastl Popcorn Gate Expander (Aluminium)

The Popcorn Gate Expander from Bastl is a gate-out expander and adds individual gate outs for every ..

66.00€ Ex Tax: 54.55€

Bastl Propust (Aluminium)

The Propust from Bastl Instruments is a compact tripple passive filter with with fixed cutoff freque..

59.00€ Ex Tax: 48.76€

Bastl Quattro Figaro (Aluminium)

The Bastl Quattro Figaro module is a 4 channel VCA (voltage controlled amplifier) with one CV invert..

219.00€ Ex Tax: 180.99€

Bastl Spa (Grandpa Expander)

The Bastl Spa module is an expander for the granular sampler module Grandpa. It adds CV inputs for n..

109.00€ Ex Tax: 90.08€

Bastl Tea Kick (Aluminium)

The Bastl Tea Kick eurorack module exists of an universal analog circuit which is based on improved ..

119.00€ Ex Tax: 98.35€

Bastl Tromsø (Aluminium)

The Tromsø eurorack module is a combination of 3 basic utility modules: a VCO, Comparator and a Samp..

139.00€ Ex Tax: 114.88€

Befaco A*B+C

The Befaco A*B+C is a dual, four-quadrant multiplier with VC Offset. Each section can perform the an..

155.00€ Ex Tax: 128.10€

Befaco BF-22 Sallen Key Filter

The Befaco BF-22 VCF is a dual Hi/Low-pass filter inspired by the Sallen-Key filter from the early M..

275.00€ Ex Tax: 227.27€

Befaco Chopping Kinky

The Befaco Chopping kinky is a voltage controllable, dual channel Wavefolder. A wavefolder converts ..

229.00€ Ex Tax: 189.26€

Befaco Crush Delay V2

The Befaco Crush Delay is an echo-delay unit based on the PT2399 IC, which although able to offer 40..

249.00€ Ex Tax: 205.79€

Befaco Dual Atenuverter

The Befaco Dual Atenuverter is a CV/Audio utility module designed to attenuate, invert and apply off..

109.00€ Ex Tax: 90.08€

Befaco Even VCO

The Befaco Even VCO is an voltage controlled oscillator which offers stability even in the case of p..

239.00€ Ex Tax: 197.52€

Befaco Hex Mix

The Befaco Hexmix System is a pure eurorack six channel performance mixer which completes your euror..

479.00€ Ex Tax: 395.87€

Befaco Hex mix VCA

The Befaco Hex Mix VCA is an amplifier / mixer module featuring six channels and each signal path co..

329.00€ Ex Tax: 271.90€

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