Description of the Bastl Kong (Aluminium)

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Bastl Kong (Aluminium)

The Bastl Kong is a module that takes the expressiveness of a drumming performance and the freedom of a eurorack modular synthesizer and becomes a dedicated interface between those too! Kong is a dual drumpad interface that amplifies the drumpad signal and converts it to trigger and velocity CV signals.

The Gain knob helps to amplify signal from any drumpad and serves as a sensitivity setting for the velocity, too. Each time the Kong detects a hit on the drumpad it outputs a trigger pulse and generates static CV on the velocity output corresponding to the intensity of the hit. The whole architecture is fully analog and the Velocity CV signal is generated by a sample and hold circuit with extremely low drift which makes it perfect for controlling crazy patches by hitting a bunch of drumpads. The Audio outputs provide amplified signals after the gain stage which enables Kong to be used as a dual modular pre-amp specifically meant for piezo pickups, but flexible enough to work with tons of other gear.


  • 2 independent channels
  • fully analog core
  • gain knob per channel
  • audio output after the gain stage
  • trigger output with LED indication
  • velocity CV output
  • low drift sample & hold for velocity

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Power consumption +12V: <50mA, -12V: <60mA
Width 5 HP
Depth 55mm

Bastl Kong (Aluminium)

  • 145.00€
  • Ex Tax: 119.83€

Tags: Bastl, Interface, Utility

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