Description of the Bastl Ciao (Aluminium)

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Bastl Ciao (Aluminium)

The Bastl Ciao is a quad line output and headphones amplifier. It contains 4 high quality line outputs for your eurorack modules and is all put in a very compact format. The line level indication is handy for both recording and live to show if clipping occurs or not. The  headphone output can be quickly be switched between the stereo channels to pre-listen it's output.


  • total 4 line outputs
  • 2 balanced outputs (left and right)
  • 1 stereo output (could be used as second headphone output in emergency)
  • headphone output
  • switch to select what plays in the headphones
  • switch to mix channel A to channel B
  • internal normalisation allowing mono 2 stereo conversion
  • line level clipping indication per channel
  • volume control per stereo channel

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Power consumption +12V <40mA / -12V <40 mA
Width 5 HP

Bastl Ciao (Aluminium)

  • 157.50€
  • Ex Tax: 130.17€

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