Blind Panels With Air Vents

3D printed blind panels with air vents in various sizes and various colors with or without our logo.

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2.00 €
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Order 3D printed blind panels with vents (small openings for air) in various sizes and various colors.

Base price is for a 2HP blind panel, you can order different ones which are a bit more expensive due to mostly printing time.

Adding our Eurorackworld logo will give you discount on the price! The logo will always be on the right top side of the panel. 

Note that the air vents will not be on the full width for the bigger sizes. Air vents will be around 10HP in width and the rest of the panel will be blank (or our logo). This is done to prevent having a weak panel.

Various color and size combinations are in stock, if not then they will be printed instantly when ordered.

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