Description of the Bastl Little Nerd (Aluminium)

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Bastl Little Nerd (Aluminium)

The Bastl LittleNerd is a trigger and clock manipulation module which is able to do everything you have ever imagined and wished to do with trigger or clock signals.

It has 2 inputs (1,2) and 5 programmable outputs (A,B,C,D,E). Signal from input 1 can be processed into outputs on channels A,B and C . Signal input 2 can be processed into outputs D and E. Signal input 2 has probability mix knob which sets whether the signal to process by output D and E is taken from input 1 or input 2 (fully counter clockwise means it always processes signal from input 2).

Every channel has a dedicated knob and the functionality of the knob is dependant on the output mode of the individual channel. Output mode can be set pressing the MODE button after selecting the channel by turning one of the A,B,C,D,E knobs (now the RGB shows color of the specific mode). The color of the RGB led indicates which mode is selected for the specific channel.


  • multipurpose clock, trigger and gate processor
  • 2 inputs 1, 2
  • 5 outputs with assignable function mode and 2 parameters
  • outputs A,B,C process signal from input 1
  • outputs D and E process input from 2 or 1 with certain probability (probability mix knob)
  • DELAYED DIVIDER – clock divider that can be offseted from the original clock (or just delay when divider is set to 1)
  • TRIGGER 2 GATE / FLOP DIVIDER – converts pulse to different pulse length, offsetable flop divider (flips gate state with every clock)
  • MULTIPLIER – outputs clocks in between clock signal – can be set from 1-8
  • TRIGGER REPEATER – you can set how many times it repeats input pulse and how fast
  • EUCLIDIAN SEQUENCER – 16 step, independently set sequence length and number of fills
  • CLOCK OSCILLATOR – pulse width can be set, goes up to audio range, can be used as detune to input frequency
  • PROBABILITY / GROOVE – probability of trigger goes thru or not with certain probability, if set to GROOVE delays every second clock
  • number setting assistant -RGB led helps you to orientate while setting specific number by knob
  • 5V trigger outputs


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Power consumption Also 5V < 30 mA
Width 6 HP
Depth 50mm

Bastl Little Nerd (Aluminium)

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